About us

At Ahal, we formulate skin care and beauty products that are healthy and eco-conscious. We are Mexican pioneer in the studies and formulation of organic cosmetics.

Our pride is our ingredients.

We are developing formulas that maintain the high quality standards and integrity, allowing us to maintain quality between production batches.

We have had 6 years of success, at AHAL Laboratory. Promoting “Fair trade” practices, we obtain supplies at fair market costs with natural and sustainable processes. Utilizing this program, in Mexico, for ingredients like goat milk, (free grazing, non-pasteurized) from rural communities. Beeswax and honey bee are cruelty free and obtained from Mayan communities such as Quintana Roo and Yucatan. From Africa; Marula oil, Baobab and Momongo are obtain. All of the ingredients that we use are analyzed in different concentrations to get premium results.

This development process takes time and experimentation, between 1 – 12 months.

Our job at AHAL Laboratory is to offer our clients the confidence that each developed product is high quality, natural, organic and cruelty free.